1) _ is any part of the computer that you can physically touch.

a) Hardware.


b) A device.


c) A peripheral.


d) An application.



2) The metal or plastic case that holds all the physical parts of the computer is the _

a) system unit.


b) CPU.


c) Mainframe.


d) Platform.



3) Which of the following is a storage device?

a) Tape.


b) Hard Disk.


c) Floppy Disk.


d) All of the above.



4) _ help prevent power surges.

a) Surge suppressor.


b) Spike protector.


c) UPS system.


d) High grade multi meter.



5) Laser Jet printer speeds are measured in pages per minute (ppm), what do we use to measure dot- matrix printers?

a) lines per inch.


b) lines per sheet.


c) characters per inch.


d) characters per second.



6) Which device uses a DMA channel?

a) Modem.


b) Network card.


c) Sound card.


d) All of the above.



7) The brain of any computer system is _

a) ALU


b) Memory.


c) CPU.


d) Control Unit.



8) Which of the following is used as “Input device” for the computer?

a) Printer.


b) VDU.


c) TV.


d) Light Pen.



9) An input device that is able to interpret pencil marks on paper media is known as _

a) Magnetic disk.


b) Optical Mark Reader.


c) Card Puncher.


d) Magnetic tape.



10) Front- end processor is a designed specifically to handle the communications processing task.

a) ALU.


b) Control Unit.


c) CPU.


d) Register.

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