1) Each of the data files as a _  that describe the way the data is stored in a file.

a) file structure.


b) records.


c) fields.


d) database.



2) An operation that will increase the length of a list is _

a) Insert.


b) Look – up.


c) Modify.


d) All of the above.



3) Serial access memories are useful in applications where _

a) data consists of numbers.


b) short access time is required.


c) each stored word is processed differently.


d) data naturally needs to flow in and out in serial form.



4) A storage device where the access time depended upon the location of data is _

a) Random access.


b) Serial access.


c) Sequential access.


d) Transaction access.



5) The following are the methods of file security EXPECT

a) hacking.


b) Use of back up.


c) Use of Anti-virus.


d) Password.



6) A computer file can be best described as _

a) a single data item.


b) a general collection of data items.


c) an orderly collection of data items.


d) a random collection of data items.



7) If you want to organize a file in a multiple ways, it is better to _ the data rather than to sort it.

a) Delete.


b) Update.


c) Sort key.


d) Index.



8) The activity of a file

a) is a low percentages of number of records added or deleted from a file.


b) if high, reduces processing efficiency for sequential and non-sequential file.


c) is a measure of the percentage of existing records updated during a run.


d) refers to how closely the file fits into the allocation.



9) A multi form file management system

a) lets you define different forms for different operation.


b) lets you create a look up form with an associated read only password to prevent access by unauthorized users.


c) Both A and B.


d) allow you to enter data in all the form.



10) The term _ is sometimes used to refer to a data file in which all the records have the same record format, that is, the same field names, field lengths and data types. 

a) Database.


b) Table.


c) Flat file.


d) Data structure.

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