1) The step-by-step instructions that solve a problem are called _

a) an algorithm.


b) a list.


c) a plan.


d) a sequential structure.



2) Algorithm and flow chart help us to _

a) know the memory capacity.


b) identify the base of the number system.


c) direct the output to a printer.


d) specify the problem completely and clearly.



3) The symbol _ is used in a flowchart to represent a step that gets information from the user.

a) Input / Output.


b) Process.


c) Selection / Repetition.


d) Start / Stop.



4) The _ symbol is used in a flowchart to represent a calculating task.

a) Input.


b) Output.


c) Process.


d) Start.



5) _ use standardized symbols to represent an algorithm.

a) Flowcharts.


b) Flow diagrams.


c) IPO charts.


d) Pseudocode.



6) The main measures for the efficiency of an algorithm are 

a) processor and memory.


b) complexity and capacity.


c) time and space.


d) data and space.



Questions 7 and 8 refer to flow chart shown in the figure.

7) The problem represented by the flow chart is

a) To compare A, B and C.


b) To find lowest of A, B and C.


c) To find the average of A, B and C.


d) To find largest value of A, B and C.



8) The output will be

a) Stop.


b) Average number.


c) Largest number.


d) Least number.



9) The symbol shown below in flowchart represents _


a) In connector.


b) Out connector.


c) Annotation.


d) Input / Output.



10) The symbol shown in the figure below in the flow chart represents

a) Input.


b) Output.


c) Decision.


d) Termination.

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