1) The motherboard is the _

a) circuit board that houses peripheral devices.


b) same as the CPU chip.


c) the first chip that is accessed when the computer is turned on.


d) circuit board that contains a CPU and other chips.



2) Memory unit is part of _

a) input device.


b) control unit.


c) output device.


d) central processing unit.



3) Which device can understand difference between data and programs?

a) Input device.


b) Output device.


c) Memory.


d) Microprocessor.



4) A normal CD-ROM usually can store up to _ data?

a) 680 KB.


b) 680 Bytes.


c) 680 MB.


d) 680 GB.



5) Memory is made up of _

a) set of wires.


b) set of circuits.


c) large number of cells.


d) All of the above.



6) The programs which are as permanent as hardware and stored in ROM is known as _

a) Hardware.


b) Software.


c) Firmware.


d) ROM ware.



7) CPU speed of a personal computer is _

a) 32 KIPS.


b) 100 KIPS.


c) 1MIPS.


d) None of the above.



8) The OR, XOR and AND functions can be performed by _ of the computer in a CPU.

a) ALU.


b) CU.


c) Memory.


d) Register.



9) Primary storage is _ as compared to secondary storage.

a) Slow and inexpensive.


b) Fast and inexpensive.


c) Fast and expensive.


d) Slow and expensive.



10) The process of fetching and executing instructions, one at a time, in the order of increasing addresses is known as

a) instruction execution.

b) straight line sequencing.

c) instruction fetch.

d) random sequencing.

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