1) With respect to a network interface card, the term 10/100 refers to _

a) protocol speed.


b) a fiber speed.


c) megabits per seconds.


d) minimum and maximum server speed.



2) Frames from one LAN can be transmitted to another LAN via the device :

a) Router.


b) Repeater.


c) Bridge.


d) Modem.



3) Which of the following condition is used to transit two packets over a medium at the same time?

a) Contention.


b) Collusion.


c) Synchronous.


d) Asynchronous.



4) How many digits of the DNIC (Data Network IDENTIFICATION Code) identify the country?

a) first three.


b) first four.


c) first five.


d) first six.



5) Which of the following is used for modulation and demodulation?

a) Modem.


b) Protocol.


c) Gateway.


d) Multiplex.



6) Alex is required to provide information on how many people are using the network at any one time. Which network will enable him to do so?

a) Server based.


b) Token – Ring.


c) Ethernet.


c) Star.



7) Communication network is _

a) one or more conductors that serve as a common connection for a related group of devices.


b) a continuous frequency capable of being modulated or impressed with a second signal.


c) the condition with two or more stations attempt to use the same channels at the same time.


d) a collection on interconnected functional units that provides a data communications serves around stations attached to the network.



8) A _ typically connects personal computers within a very limited geographical area, usually within a single building.

a) LAN.


b) BAN.


c) WAN.


d) NAN.



9) Physical connection between Microprocessor Memory and other parts is called _

a) Path.


b) Hub.


c) address bus.


d) None of the above.


10) What device separates a single network into two segments but lets the two segments appear as one to higher protocols?

a) Switch.


b) Bridge.


c) Gateway.


d) Router.

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