1) DSL is an example of a(n) _

a) connection.


b) network.


c) wireless.


d) broadband.



2) Which of the following is not a disadvantage of a wireless LAN?

a) Slower data transmission.


b) Higher error rate.


c) Interference of transmissions from different computer.


d) All of the above.



3) The cheapest modems can transmit _

a) 300 bits per seconds.


b) 1,200 bits per seconds.


c) 2,400 bits per seconds.


d) 4, 800 bits per seconds.



4) Modem is used in data transmission. When was it invented and in which country?

a) 1963, USA.


b) 1965, Germany.


c) 1950, USA.


d) 1950, Japan.



5) If you configure the TCP / IP address and the other TCP / IP parameters manually, you can always verify the configuration though which of the following:

a) Network Properties dialog box.


b) Server services dialog box.


DHCPINFO command – line utility.


Advance properties tab of TCP / IP info.



6) A packet switching network that was sponsored by the Commission of the EEC and became operational in 1979 is _

a) LAN.


b) Broadband network.


c) Star network.


d) Euronet.



7) A sizeable geographical area with communication based on the telephone system is

a) Local Area Network.


b) Wide Area Network.


c) Modulator – Demodulator.


d) All of the above.



8) The range of frequencies available for data transmission is known as:

a) Baud.


b) Bandwidth.


C) Byte.


d) Bits.



9) Common channel signaling _

a) uses the speech or data path for signaling.


b) does not use the speech or data path for signaling.


c) needs no additional transmission facilities.


d) finds it difficult to handle signaling during speech.



10) A large numbers of computers in a wide geographical area can be efficiently connected using _

a) twisted pair lines.


b) coaxial cables.


c) Communication satellites.


d) all of the above.

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