• BANANA (Musa spp)

    BANANA (Musa spp)

    Land Preparation: Clearing of the land which is followed by stumping and making of ridges or heaps. It can also be done mechanically through ploughing, harrowing and ridging.   Varieties/Cultivars: Gross Michel; cavendish (dwarf); red banana; canary banana.   Climatic and soil requirements: Banana plant requires a temperature of 21°C – 25°C, rainfall of 150cm – 200cm per annum and a well- drained, rich, loamy soil.   Planting Materials: These are corm (or bits), peeper suckers, sword sucker and maiden sucker.   Propagation/Planting Date: Banana is propagated by vegetative means any time from April to September. Dig a hole and plant the sucker with ball of earth. The hole should…

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