Goat is a hollow horned small ruminant also belonging to the family Bovidae of the genus Capra. Goat is reared for its meat, milk and hide and skin, e.g, morocco leather from Sokoto Red. Goat milk is the richest of all the milk produced by animals including man.   Breeds of Goat Sokoto Red. Bornu Red. West African long legged goat. West African dwarf goat. Bantu. Anglo-Nubian. Alphine. Saanen. Kano Brown. Bauchi type. Togenburg. Nubian. Boer. Anglo. Nandi. East African Small Goat. Angora.   Terminologies Used in Goat Buck (Billy) – Adult male goat. Doe (Nanny) – Adult female goat. Kid – A young or baby goat. Wether – A…

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