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  • GROUNDNUT (Arachis hypogea)

    GROUNDNUT (Arachis hypogea)

    Groundnut is a dual-purpose crop. It can be cultivated as an oil crop as well as a protein or a pulse or leguminous crop. Although it is a leguminous crop, it is mainly grown for its oil. The seed called nut contains about 40 – 55% oil, 30% protein and 18% carbohydrate. Industrial products of groundnut include: Groundnut cake. Groundnut oil. Groundnut butter.   Land Preparation The land is cleared, stumping is done and land can also be prepared mechanically by ploughing, harrowing and ridging.   Varieties/Cultivars Bunch or erect type, creeping type, Kano local, Kano 50 and castle cary.   Climatic requirement Groundnut requires a temperature of 25°C 30°C,…

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