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    Cattle belongs to the group of animals known as Bovidae. They are ruminants, having hollow horns and hoofs with an even number of toes. Cattle are reared for their meat, milk, hide and skin, manure and as draught animals for work on the farm.   Breeds of Cattle Azawal. Sokoto Gudali. Wadara (Shuwa). White Fulani. Red Bororo. Muturu. N’dama. Keteku (Borgu). Kuri. Brown Swiss. Holstein. Jersey.   The breeds of cattle can also be categorised into three groups. These groups are: a) Beef Cattle: Beef cattle are the cattle which have the ability to produce meat. Examples are: N’dama. Red Bororo. Sokoto Gudali. Keteku (Borgu). Kuri. Brown Swiss. Rahaji.  …

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