Archaeology is the scientific digging and studying of old remains and artefacts used by people who lived in an area long time ago. For example, materials tools, stones, skeletal remains, seeds, old building materials, burial chambers and religious items. When studied by archaeologists, such materials could give very information like dates, social and economic information about people who lived long ago. The popular Nok culture in Plateau and Kaduna, Igbo-Ukwu artefacts, in Anambra, bronze heads at Ife in Osun State are all archaeological finds. Archaeology may not give us enough details and complete information; we can, however, get a lot of information about those who lived a long time ago. Information from archaeology is primary because it is very real and brings us as close as possible to what actually happened in the area of study.

However, getting information through archaeological finds can be very expensive and too technical. It also requires enough experts with special training.