Field-work in geography involves the work of gathering information by going into the field to gain practical experience and knowledge through firsthand observation.


Stages of Field-work
The execution of any field-work in geography may be grouped into three stages, viz.

(a) The Pre-Field Stage
This stage involves the following steps:

• State the type of study (i.e. physical features, settlement pattern, land use pattern, agricultural products, provision of social services, transport system, etc in a particular settlement).

• Design and get the appropriate questionnaire for the study area, if necessary.

• Where and when you are conducting the study.

• Assemble the materials you need to conduct the study.

• The personnel to be involved in the fieldwork should be properly briefed.

• The cost of the study should be well estimated.

• Proper knowledge of the weather condition is essential in order to choose a favourable time when any disturbance like rain can be avoided.

• The head of the team conducting the study with at least one member of the study team should make a pilot survey of the area of study before the actual field-work.


(b) The Actual Field Stage
This is the stage where the actual field-work has to be carried out.


(c) Post-Field Stage
All participants in the actual field-work will return to base in order to assemble, analyse and present what they had done during the field-work.

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