Cultism can be referred to as devotion to a particular secret or occultic group. Cults are groups that often exploit their members psychologically, economically, socially, educationally and financially by making their members abide by rules and regulations outside their wish. Examples of prominent cult in schools are: The Black Axe, Eiye Confraternity, Skulls Buccaneer, Pirates etc.

Cultists in higher institutions are often faced with clash of interest and the fight for supremacy. Therefore, cultists are desperadoes; willing to do anything to ensure the supremacy of their group. A cultist in action could be brutal, gun-toting, trigger happy, axe, machete or sword wielding, blood thirsty individual who springs surprise attacks on perceived enemies, robbing, maiming or killing them and disappearing within seconds of his atrocity, leaving people and the relations of the victim shocked, aggrieved and traumatized. Law abiding citizens should shun all forms of violence and cultist activity.


Why Students Join Secret Cults

Cultism is an anti-social and a non-conforming group which contravenes the social rules and norms of the community. Students are attracted to secret cults for variety of reasons, some of which are:

  1. Protection from rival groups in the school.
  2. Satisfaction of sexual urge.
  3. Academic weakness.
  4. Students threatened by lecturers / teachers with a fail grade.
  5. Unsecured students as a result of parental separation or divorce.
  6. Students from a family with a history of cult membership.
  7. Students from a low income or poverty ridden family who has suffered material deprivation.
  8. Greed, low esteem, and lack of friends among the students.
  9. It is easier for students to join secret cult in a society where means of livelihood are absent e.g. food, shelter, education, unemployment, poverty etc.


Preventive Measures against Cultism

Various efforts have been made by the government ranging from the enactment of law such as Decree 47 of December 1989 which gave the governing council of the universities in Nigeria to condemn any unlawful society within the campus. The Federal House of Representatives Bill specified a jail term of five years for students convicted of participating in secret cult activities. The under listed are other means of preventing or eradicating cultism:

  1. Good parental care: Parents should endeavour to observe and know the person(s) or friends their children moves with.
  2. Counseling in the school and at home
  3. Good teacher/ student relationship.
  4. Visitation of parents to school to inquire about the activities of their children.
  5. Good school allows for proper monitoring of students.
  6. The fear of God is the beginning of wisdom; efforts should be made at home, in the school, by religious organizations, among the peers and by the entire community to inculcate the fear of God into youths.

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