Responsible parenthood suggests the responsibility of parents to guide, protect and provide for the basic needs of their children. It also means parenting with unconditional love which could last a life time. Responsible parenthood is no doubt costly, tasking and time demanding as parents have to sacrifice a lot to keep a close tab on their children. However, the reward of responsible parenting is unquantifiable to a family and the society at large.


Roles of Responsible Parents

Parents are saddled with the responsibility of taking proper and good care of their children so that they could grow to become responsible adults. Most anti- social behaviours commonly noticed among the youths are due to apparent lack of parental care, love and good upbringing. Therefore, the following are the roles of responsible parent:

  1. Providing for the Household – Parents are to ensure that material and financial needs of their children are met most especially those that are essential. This is necessary so as to avoid a situation whereby the children would result to stealing other peoples properties and belongings.
  2. Caring for them– Parents need to care, show love and affection to their children. They have to provide them with healthy diet and sports, provide medical care, engage them in skills and talent development; see to them making good friends.
  3. Education– The best legacy parents can give to their children is education. An adage says: “if you say education is expensive, then, try ignorance.” When a child is educated, a number of things that surround him would be positively affected. The reasoning, thinking, decision, relationship with people around would be affected as well.
  4. Accommodation– Parents are to ensure that their children have a place conducive enough to grow up and learn. They should be provided with a befitting shelter; a peaceful and neat environment. They are provided with basic basic household necessities most especially television, radio and educative videos and programmes.
  5. Cultural Training– Parents are to ensure that their children are exposed to cultural activities in their environment. They must be told history of their communities, towns and villages. They must be taught respect for the elderly, how to eat local foods, festivals among others.
  6. Ensuring their well being physically and psychologically.
  7. Health and safety.
  8. Earn their respect and discipline them but don’t be too hard on them.
  9. Providing love, care and affection to help them grow into their unique selves.
  10. Providing guidance and accepting responsibility for their healthy emotional development.
  11. Providing shelter, supervising and protecting such shelter for child’s safety.
  12. Providing proper nutrition and healthcare to safeguard the child’s physical health.
  13. Providing a safe environment devoid of risk, danger and any other form of accident.
  14. Teaching respect for other people and oneself.
  15. Guiding the child towards responsible adulthood.


Importance of Responsible Parenthood in National Development

The roles of responsible parenthood in nation building cannot be overlooked and underestimated. Therefore, importance of responsible parenthood in national development can be better understood as below:

  1. Responsible Citizenry: A responsible citizen will pay tax and other levies which is used by the government to provide for social services and infrastructures. A responsible citizen would not be destroying public properties. A responsible citizen would not be involved in electoral mal-practice and would not steal the money that belongs to the public.
  2. Reduction in Crime Rates: When parents give good upbringing to their children by teaching them moral and religious instructions, it makes them know the dangers that are inherent in being involved in crimes. And more important, the father, and mother should jointly train their children in the way of the Almighty God such that when they grow up, they would desist from involving in crimes and joining bad groups and associations.
  3. Healthy Nation: A healthy nation is the one that is peaceful. A healthy nation is the one that is free of ethnic clashes and religious crises. A healthy nation is the one that can provide enabling environment for the citizens to thrive economically and socially.
  4. Emotionally Balanced Population: Population of a country is known by the head count of people living in that country through a counting process known as population census. The people living in the country have rest of mind, can concentrate and contribute their quota to the socio & political development of the nation. They have good job and enabling environment that makes them to be at their best.
  5. Economic Growth and Development: Responsible parenthood contributes in no small measure to the economic growth and development of a nation. It plays a vital role in the decision making process of foreign investors to establish their companies ina geographic location because most often, the nationals of their host countries would be employed to work in their establishment.

Conclusively, parents should rise up to the challenges of responsible parenthood, especially in these present modern world filled with social challenges. Parents should take care of their children today so that you can enjoy a good rest tomorrow.

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