Formation: The Lake Chad Basin Commission (LCBC) is an organisation set up to foster cooperation among countries sharing a common border with Lake Chad with respect to the usage of the lake. The Lake Chad Basin Commission was established by leaders of four countries: Nigeria, Chad, Niger and Cameroun when they signed the treaty establishing the commission in 1964. The Chad basin is a very large lake which shares borders with four countries. The headquarters of LCBC is in Ndjamena, Chad. The commission is funded by contributions from the member nations.


Aims and Objectives of LCBC

Lake Chad Basin Commission was established:

  1. To enhance the agricultural potentials of the lake Chad.
  2. To ensure economic co-operation and development among its members.
  3. To re-afforestate the border areas to check the advancement of the Sahara desert.
  4. To enhance the development of irrigation system for agricultural purposes.
  5. To control the pollution of the lake.
  6. To undertake scheme to control erosion and flood of the border areas.
  7. To construct and ensure proper maintenance of dams, wells and boreholes.
  8. To provide water for rural and urban areas.

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