• The oxygen needed to oxidize lactic acid to pyruvic acid and from pyruvic acid to carbon oxide, water and chemical energy is called Oxygen debt.
  • The quick heavy breathing to take in oxygen to the muscle cells lacking oxygen in other to oxidize the lactic acid built up in the muscle cells called Oxygen Debt (OD).


Causes of Oxygen Debt

  1. Vigorous exercise, leading to shortage of oxygen in muscle cells.
  2. Lungs unable to meet the demand of oxygen in the cells of the muscles.
  3. The cells of the muscles have to respire Aerobically producing lactic acid and little energy.
  4. Lactic acid accumulates in the muscle cells.
  5. After vigorous exercise, the lactic acid remains in the muscle cells resulting in muscle fatigue and aches.
  6. More oxygen is then required to repay the debt of oxygen in the muscle cells.
  7. As sufficient oxygen is breathed in to oxidize the Lactic acids, the debt of oxygen has been paid.

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