Constitutional democracy is a form of representative government. It is a form of government that is made up of individuals appointed or elected periodically by the people themselves to represent them at all levels of the governments for a fixed period of time. It is constitutional when people actively participate towards the election of their representatives into various political offices of the country.


Features of Constitutional Democracy

  1. Popular Participation.
  2. Popular Sovereignty.
  3. Periodic Election.
  4. Majority Rule.
  5. Existence of the Rule of Law.
  6. Respect for Human Rights.
  7. Multi-Party System and Competitions.
  8. Existence of the Separation of Power.


Advantages of Constitutional Democracy

  1. In constitutional democracy, the existence of the rule of law is highly regarded and adhered to.
  2. Constitutional democracy gives equal opportunity for citizens to participate in decision-making process.
  3. Constitutional democracy makes government to be stable, secure, because of periodic elections and fixed term in political office.
  4. Constitutional democracy guarantees fundamental human rights and press freedom.
  5. Constitutional democracy allows free choice of leaders by the electorates.
  6. Constitutional democracy, though the majority rules, there is always an opportunity for the opposition to have their say.


Disadvantages of Constitutional Democracy

  1. Constitutional democracy is too expensive to operate. This is because of the duplication of authorities, powers and functions of the government. For example, in Nigeria, we have supervisory Counsellors for Education at the local government levels, Commissioner for Education at the state levels and Federal Minister of Education at the federal level.
  2. Constitutional democracy is often characterized by slow decision making and slow passage of bills into law.
  3. At times, miscreants, unfits, un-disciplined persons or candidates may be elected into political office.
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