1) Word processing, spreadsheet, and photo-editing are examples of _

a) application software.


b) system software.


c) operating system software.


d) platform software.



2) Application software is designed to accomplish _

a) real-world tasks.


b) computer-centric tasks.


c) gaming tasks.


d) operating system tasks.



3) MS- Word is an example of _

a) Application Software.


b) System Software.


c) Operating System.


d) Scanner.



4) A generalized software package produced to meet the bugs of a variety of data processing user is known as _

a) Utility programs.


b) System software.


c) Operating software.


d) Application package.



5) The purpose of an application is to _

a) Convert program written in high level language to machine language.


b) meet specific user needs.


c) Allow the operating system to control resources better.


d) Make off – line equipment run better.



6) What type of software is an anti – virus software?

a) System software.


b) Utility Software.


c) Application software.


d) Operating software.



7) Which of the software provides the public with its source code free of charge?

a) Open – source software.


b) Multitasking Systems.


c) UNIX.


d) System software.



8) The file extension of MS – Word document in office 2007 is _

a) .doc


b) .pdf


c) .docx


d) .txt



9) Which of the following is NOT an example of application packages?

a) Microsoft Word.


b) Microsoft Excel.


c) Microsoft Access.


d) Microsoft Windows.



10) Pick the odd ONE out of the following:

a) Lotus 1 – 2 – 3.


b) Quattro Pro.


c) Excel.


d) Access.

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