• A. stoned by the people of Ta’if ✓
  • B. received joyously by the people
  • C. granted a conditional permit
  • D. allowed to stay for a few days


The answer to the question is: A. stoned by the people of Ta’if

When Muhammad (S.A.W) sought for protection in Ta’if in 620 C.E., he faced a challenging experience. The people of Ta’if not only rejected his message but also stoned him, causing him great physical and emotional distress. This event is significant in the life of Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) as it reflects the hardships and trials he endured during his mission to spread the message of Islam.


Before seeking refuge in Ta’if, Muhammad (S.A.W) had been facing opposition and persecution in Mecca. He had been preaching the message of monotheism and calling people to abandon their idols and embrace Islam. However, his message was met with resistance from the powerful tribes of Mecca, particularly the Quraysh. The persecution of early Muslims had reached such a level that Muhammad (S.A.W) decided to seek support and protection from another city.

Seeking Protection in Ta’if

In 620 C.E., Muhammad (S.A.W) traveled to Ta’if, hoping to find a receptive audience and potential allies for his mission. He approached the leaders of the city and presented his message to them, seeking their support and protection. However, instead of receiving a warm reception, he faced rejection and hostility from the people of Ta’if. Not only did they refuse to accept his message, but they also incited the common people to pelt him with stones and drive him out of the city.

The Stoning Incident

The stoning incident in Ta’if is one of the most poignant episodes in the life of Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W). As he walked through the streets, he was subjected to verbal abuse and physical assault by the inhabitants of Ta’if. The rejection and hostility he encountered deeply affected him, both physically and emotionally. Despite enduring this traumatic experience, Muhammad (S.A.W) remained steadfast in his mission and continued to propagate the message of Islam.

Impact on Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W)

The stoning incident in Ta’if had a profound impact on Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W). It was a moment of immense hardship and despair for him. However, it also demonstrated his resilience, patience, and unwavering commitment to his divine mission. The emotional toll of this event is evident in his supplication to Allah during his return journey from Ta’if, where he sought solace and strength.


Despite the rejection and mistreatment he faced in Ta’if, Muhammad (S.A.W) did not waver in his dedication to spreading the message of Islam. This event served as a test of his faith and resolve, strengthening his determination to continue his mission despite the immense challenges.

In conclusion, Muhammad’s experience in Ta’if in 620 C.E., where he sought protection but was stoned by its people, is a significant episode that reflects the trials and tribulations faced by Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) during his prophetic mission.