• A. it is ethnic based but has branches all over the state
  • B. its membership cut across ethnic boundaries ✓
  • C. it is registered by the electoral commission as a national party
  • D. it is headed by individuals who are famous within and without the country


The answer to the question is: B. its membership cut across ethnic boundaries

A party can be said to have a national outlook if its membership cuts across ethnic boundaries. This means that the party is not limited to a particular ethnic group, but rather represents and includes individuals from various ethnicities within the nation. A national outlook also implies that the party’s policies, ideologies, and leadership are inclusive and representative of the diverse population of the country.

In the context of political parties, having a national outlook is crucial for fostering unity, promoting diversity, and ensuring that the interests of all citizens are taken into account. It signifies a commitment to building a cohesive and inclusive society, where individuals from different backgrounds can participate in the political process and contribute to the governance of the nation.

A party with a national outlook is more likely to address issues that affect all citizens, regardless of their ethnic or cultural affiliations. It also reflects a broader vision for the country’s development and progress, as it seeks to incorporate perspectives and voices from across the societal spectrum.

In summary, a party can be considered to have a national outlook if its membership transcends ethnic boundaries, demonstrating inclusivity and representation of diverse groups within the nation.

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