• A. 1815-1880
  • B. 1815-1840 ✓
  • C. 1935-1945
  • D. 1935-1948


The answer to the question is: B. 1815-1840

The Mfecane in South Africa happened between 1815-1840.

What was the Mfecane?

The Mfecane, also known as the Difaqane or Lifaqane, was a period of widespread chaos and warfare in southern Africa during the early 19th century. The term “Mfecane” is derived from the Zulu word meaning “the crushing” or “the scattering.” This period was characterized by massive upheaval, displacement of populations, and significant social and political changes.

Causes of the Mfecane

Several factors contributed to the Mfecane, including population growth, environmental pressures, and the expansion of Zulu power under the leadership of Shaka. The rise of the Zulu Kingdom and its military expansion played a significant role in triggering a series of conflicts and migrations that had far-reaching consequences for various ethnic groups in southern Africa.

Impact of the Mfecane

The Mfecane had a profound impact on the demographic, political, and social landscape of southern Africa. It led to widespread displacement of communities, the formation of new alliances and power structures, and the reshaping of regional boundaries. The aftermath of the Mfecane also contributed to the emergence of new states and societies in the region.


The Mfecane was a complex and tumultuous period in southern African history, marked by widespread conflict, migration, and societal transformation. Its effects reverberated across the region for decades, shaping the dynamics of power and identity among various ethnic groups.

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