• A. a curtain call ✓
  • B. a curtain raiser
  • C. epilogue
  • D. interlude


The answer to the question is: A. a curtain call

A curtain call is a theatrical tradition in which the performers return to the stage after the conclusion of a performance to receive applause from the audience. This practice allows the audience to show their appreciation for the actors, dancers, musicians, or other performers who have participated in the production.

A curtain call serves as a way for the performers to acknowledge and thank the audience for their support and applause. It also provides an opportunity for the audience to express their admiration and gratitude for the talent and hard work of the performers. The curtain call often includes individual bows or acknowledgments by each performer, as well as collective bows by the entire cast.

In some cases, particularly in larger productions or those with notable stars, multiple curtain calls may occur, with the performers returning to the stage several times to acknowledge the audience’s applause. The curtain call is an important part of the theatrical experience, allowing both performers and audience members to share in the celebration of a successful performance.

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