• A. the unity of Allah ✓
  • B. business transaction
  • C. divine punishment of wrongdoers
  • D. sincere brotherhood


The answer to the question is: A. the unity of Allah

The core of Muhammad’s (SAW) da’awah (Islamic preaching and invitation to Islam) in Makkah was centered on the unity of Allah. This was the fundamental message that Prophet Muhammad (SAW) preached during his time in Makkah. The concept of Tawhid, or the oneness of Allah, was at the heart of his mission and teachings. He called upon the people to abandon their polytheistic beliefs and embrace the worship of one true God, Allah.

Prophet Muhammad (SAW) emphasized the importance of monotheism and the rejection of idol worship. His message focused on establishing a deep and unwavering belief in the oneness of Allah, which served as the foundation for all aspects of faith and religious practice in Islam. The Quran, revealed to Prophet Muhammad (SAW), contains numerous verses emphasizing the unity of Allah and condemning polytheism.

The emphasis on Tawhid was a central theme in Muhammad’s (SAW) da’awah in Makkah, as he sought to guide the people towards a pure and sincere devotion to the one true God. This message laid the groundwork for the spiritual and moral transformation that took place among his followers and within the society at large.

In addition to promoting the unity of Allah, Prophet Muhammad (SAW) also emphasized other important principles such as justice, compassion, and ethical conduct. However, it was the call to recognize and worship only one God that formed the core of his da’awah in Makkah.

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