• A. interested in the leadership of the Muslims
  • B. totally disarmed by Muslim soldiers
  • C. surprised by the Prophet’s magnanimity ✓
  • D. disappointed by his Makkah associates


The answer to the question is: C. surprised by the Prophet’s magnanimity

Abu Sufyan, a prominent figure in the early history of Islam, accepted Islam primarily due to surprised by the Prophet’s magnanimity. The incident that led to his acceptance of Islam is known as the Conquest of Mecca in 630 CE. During this event, Prophet Muhammad demonstrated immense forgiveness and mercy towards the people of Mecca, including his former adversaries like Abu Sufyan.

Abu Sufyan had been a staunch opponent of Islam and the Prophet Muhammad for many years. However, when Mecca was conquered by the Muslim forces without bloodshed, Abu Sufyan was deeply moved by the Prophet’s magnanimity and forgiveness. Despite his past enmity and opposition, the Prophet did not seek revenge or retribution against Abu Sufyan or the other Meccans.

This act of clemency and compassion from the Prophet towards his former enemies had a profound impact on Abu Sufyan. He realized the noble character of the Prophet and the message of Islam, leading him to accept Islam and embrace the faith he had once vehemently opposed.

In conclusion, Abu Sufyan accepted Islam primarily because he was surprised by the Prophet’s magnanimity during the Conquest of Mecca, which demonstrated the mercy and forgiveness at the core of Islamic teachings.

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