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  • ORANGE (Citrus sinensis)

    ORANGE (Citrus sinensis)

    Orange is a fruit crop which belongs to the citrus family. The fruit of orange called berry is succulent, fleshy and juicy and it is rich in vitamins and minerals.   Land Preparation: The land is cleared with cutlass and stumping is done. The land is then ploughed and harrowed mechanically.   Varieties/Cultivars: Varieties of the Citrus spp. or family include: Sweet Orange – Citrus sinensis. Sour Orange – Citrus aurantium. Lime – Citrus aurantifolia. Lemon – Citrus limon. Tangerine – Citrus reticulata. Grape fruit – Citrus paradisi. Shaddock (Pomelo) – Citrus grandis. King orange – Citrus nobilis.   Climatic and soil requirements: Sweet orange requires a temperature of 25°C…

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