Growth is defined as an irreversible or permanent increase in size, dry mass or weight due to the addition of living protoplasmic materials in organism. In other words, Growth is defined as an irreversible increase in size and complexity of an organism brought about by the synthesis of new protoplasm. For growth to occur, the rate of synthesis or building up of materials (anabolism) must exceed the rate of breaking down (catabolism).   Differences Between Plants and Animals Growth   Growth in plants Mainly restricted to place growing regions/ body/ apical meristem. Continuous throughout life (in growing regions). Indefinite number of parts.   Growth in animals Diffuse/takes in all parts…



    Labour can be defined as all human efforts of any kind, either skilled or unskilled, mental or manual, directed towards the production of goods and services. Market on the other hand is defined as a place or any means of communication whereby the sellers and buyers can communicate with one another, to exchange goods and services at prices determined by the market forces. Labour market is defined therefore as a market in which buyers and sellers of labour are in close contact during which the wages and other conditions of services are determined and agreed upon. Labour is the factor of production which is usually bought and sold in the…

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