Tourism is an activity done by an individual or a group of individuals, which leads to the movement from one place to another or a country to another for performing a specific a specific task or a visit to a place or several places for the purpose of entertaining which lead to an awareness of other civilizations and culture, also increasing the knowledge of countries, culture and history.

One of the most important subjects of tourism is attractions. Attractions are the most important components in the tourism system. Attractions are the main motivators for tourist’s trips and the core of the tourism product, without attractions, there would be no need for other tourism services. Indeed, tourism as such would not exist if it were not for attractions.

There are three main justification for tourism in Nigeria. These justification include:

  • Leisure.
  • Recreation.
  • ¬†Education.


  1. Leisure: Leisure is the time when you are not working or studying and can relax and do things you enjoy. Leisure is one of the most important justification for tourism. This give individuals or tourists the opportunity to enjoy themselves to the fullest while they visit resort centres.
  2. Recreation: Recreation is any activity that you do for pleasure or amusement. Tourism also create room for recreation of tourists as they involve in doing things which they enjoy in the resort centres e.g. watching football and dancing.
  3. Education: One of the major justification for tourism is education. When tourist visit any places of interest or even a country, they take their time to educate themselves on the behaviour, traditional and cultural life of the people. It helps them to learn on certain things which they do not know before.
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