1) Programs are executed on the basis of a priority number in a _

a) batch processing system.


b) multiprogramming.


c) time sharing.


d) none of the above.



2) Problem analysis is down during _

a) system design phase.


b) systems analysis phase.


c) before system test.


d) All of the above.



3) The analysis phase of software development involves _

a) collecting the requirements about what the program will accomplish.


b) creating a detailed plan on how the program will accomplish the requirements.


c) writing the software with a program such as VB.NET


d) both a and b .



4) Which phase of project development typically costs the most?

a) Analysis.


b) Design.


c) Implementation.


d) Maintenance.



5) _ is the process of translating a task into a series of commands that computer will use to perform that task.

a) Project design.


b) Installation.


c) System analysis.


d) Programming.



6) Debugging is _

a) creating program code.


b) finding and correcting errors in the program code.


c) identifying the task to be computerized.


d) creating the algorithm.



7) Translating the problem statement into a series of sequential steps describing what the program must do is known as _

a) coding.


b) debugging.


c) creating the algorithm.


d) writing documentation.



8) Translating the algorithm into a programming language occurs at the _ step of the PDLC.

a) debugging.


b) coding.


c) testing and documentation.


d) algorithm development.



9) The problem statement should include all of the following EXCEPT 

a) input.


b) output.


c) processing.


d) storage.



10) The problem statement includes the _ , which lists specific input numbers a program would typically expect the user to enter and precise output values that a perfect program would return for those inputs value.

a) testing plan.


b) error handler.


c) IPO cycle.


d) input- output specification.

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