• A. Amr
  • B. Bilal ✓
  • C. Hamzah
  • D. Maysarah


The answer to the question is: B. Bilal

The first Mu’adh-Dhin in Islam was Bilal ibn Rabah, a close companion of the Prophet Muhammad. The role of the Mu’adh-Dhin is to make the call to prayer, known as the adhan, which is an important aspect of Islamic worship. Bilal ibn Rabah’s appointment as the first Mu’adh-Dhin holds significant historical and religious importance in Islam.

Bilal ibn Rabah was an Abyssinian slave who converted to Islam and became one of the earliest followers of Prophet Muhammad. He was known for his unwavering faith and dedication to the Islamic cause. When the Muslim community in Mecca faced persecution, Bilal endured severe torture for his refusal to renounce his faith. His steadfastness and resilience made him a revered figure in Islamic history.

Prophet Muhammad recognized Bilal’s piety and appointed him as the first Mu’adh-Dhin. Bilal’s melodious voice and sincere delivery of the adhan earned him a special place in the hearts of Muslims. His call to prayer symbolized the unity of the Muslim community and served as a reminder of their devotion to God.

Bilal’s legacy as the first Mu’adh-Dhin exemplifies the inclusive nature of Islam, as he rose to prominence despite his humble origins as a former slave. His story continues to inspire Muslims around the world, emphasizing the values of equality, perseverance, and spiritual devotion within the Islamic tradition.