• A. memorization
  • B. preservation ✓
  • C. compilation
  • D. recitation


The answer to the question is: B. preservation

Lawhul-Mahfudh, also known as the Preserved Tablet, is a concept in Islamic theology and is associated with the preservation of the Quran. The term Lawhul-Mahfudh is derived from Arabic, where “Lawh” means tablet and “Mahfudh” means preserved. According to Islamic belief, the Quran is the literal word of God as revealed to the Prophet Muhammad through the Angel Gabriel. The concept of Lawhul-Mahfudh is closely linked to the idea that the Quran has been preserved in its original form since its revelation.

The concept of Lawhul-Mahfudh is associated with preservation. In Islamic belief, it refers to the idea that the Quran has been preserved in a tablet in heaven and has been protected from any alteration or corruption. This concept underscores the belief that the Quran is immutable and has remained unchanged since its revelation to Prophet Muhammad.

The preservation of the Quran is considered a miraculous aspect of Islam, as it is believed to have been safeguarded from any human tampering or alteration. This preservation extends not only to the text but also to its meanings and interpretations. The Quran’s preservation is seen as a testament to its divine origin and authority in Islam.

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