• A. large number of narrators ✓
  • B. the six sound collectors
  • C. Bukhari and Muslim
  • D. the Prophet’s closest companions


The answer to the question is: A. large number of narrators

The term al-Mutawātir refers to Hadīth narrated by a large number of narrators. In Islamic tradition, Hadīth refers to the sayings, actions, and approvals of the Prophet Muhammad. Al-Mutawātir Hadīth are those that have been narrated by such a large number of narrators at each level of transmission that their authenticity is considered beyond doubt. This means that the Hadīth has been reported by so many different chains of transmission that it is inconceivable that all the narrators could have conspired to fabricate the same information.

Al-Mutawātir Hadīth are considered the most authoritative and credible form of Hadīth, as they provide the highest level of certainty regarding the accuracy of the Prophet’s sayings and actions. The concept of al-Mutawātir is crucial in Islamic jurisprudence and theology, as it provides a strong foundation for establishing beliefs and practices within the Islamic faith.

The significance of al-Mutawātir Hadīth lies in their role in shaping Islamic law and theology. These narrations are used as primary sources for deriving legal rulings and theological doctrines within the Islamic tradition. Due to their widespread transmission and consensus among multiple narrators, al-Mutawātir Hadīth carry immense weight in matters of religious guidance and interpretation.

In summary, al-Mutawātir refers to Hadīth narrated by a large number of narrators, providing an unparalleled level of certainty regarding the authenticity of the Prophet’s sayings and actions within Islamic tradition.

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