• A. Weathering by oxidation
  • B. Weathering by means of solution
  • C. Mechanical weathering ✓
  • D. Biological weathering


The answer to the question is: C. Mechanical weathering

Mechanical weathering, also known as physical weathering, refers to the breakdown of rocks into smaller pieces without changing their chemical composition. Exfoliation is a specific type of mechanical weathering that occurs when outer layers of rock are stripped away due to the release of pressure on the rock surface. This process often happens in areas where large temperature fluctuations occur, such as deserts or mountainous regions. During the day, the outer layers of the rock expand due to heat, and at night, they contract due to cooling. Over time, this expansion and contraction can cause the outer layers to crack and eventually peel away, resulting in exfoliation.

Exfoliation is commonly observed in granite formations, where large sheets of rock can be seen peeling away from the main mass. This process is also known as “sheeting” and can result in the formation of dome-like structures known as exfoliation domes or “onion skin” weathering.

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