• A. expansion boards
  • B. expansion slots
  • C. memory chip
  • D. mother board ✓
  • E. system unit


The central processing unit (CPU) is a crucial component of a computer system that performs most of the processing inside a computer. It is directly connected to the motherboard, which is the main circuit board of a computer. The motherboard serves as a platform for all other components to connect to, including the CPU, memory chips, expansion slots, and expansion boards.

The CPU connects to the motherboard through a socket, which provides both electrical connectivity and mechanical support. The CPU socket on the motherboard is designed to match the specific type of CPU being used, ensuring compatibility and proper functioning of the processor.

The motherboard also houses other essential components such as memory chips (RAM), expansion slots for additional hardware components like graphics cards or sound cards, and connectors for peripherals like USB devices and network cables. These components work together to enable the CPU to process data, run programs, and interact with the rest of the computer system.

In summary, the central processing unit is directly connected to the motherboard in a computer system, forming a critical link that allows for communication and coordination between the CPU and other hardware components.

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