• A. reduced pressure and high current ✓
  • B. increased magnetic field
  • C. reduced pressure and reduced potential
  • D. exposure to visible light


When the pressure of a gas is reduced, the distance between gas molecules increases, allowing for easier movement of charged particles. This increased distance reduces the resistance to the flow of electricity through the gas. Additionally, high current can provide enough energy to ionize the gas molecules, creating free electrons that can conduct electricity.

In this scenario, the gas undergoes a process called breakdown, where it transitions from an insulating state to a conducting state. This breakdown occurs when the electric field strength exceeds a certain threshold value, leading to the formation of a plasma within the gas. The plasma consists of positively charged ions and free electrons that can carry electrical current.

Under reduced pressure and high current conditions, gases such as neon, argon, and xenon can exhibit electrical conductivity due to their ability to form plasmas. These gases are commonly used in applications such as neon signs, plasma displays, and gas discharge lamps.

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