• A. Consumer goods ✓
  • B. primary products
  • C. industrial services
  • D. organizational products


Merchandising is a marketing strategy that involves promoting and selling products to customers. It is primarily focused on consumer goods, which are tangible products intended for personal use by individuals or households. Consumer goods encompass a wide range of items such as clothing, electronics, household products, food and beverages, and more. These products are typically sold through retail channels to end consumers.

Merchandising plays a crucial role in the consumer goods industry by creating attractive product displays, implementing pricing strategies, managing inventory levels, and enhancing the overall shopping experience for customers. Effective merchandising techniques can help drive sales, increase brand visibility, and build customer loyalty in the competitive retail landscape.

In contrast, primary products refer to raw materials or commodities extracted from the earth or produced through agricultural activities. Industrial services involve providing specialized services to businesses or organizations, while organizational products are goods or services designed for use within a specific company or institution. While merchandising can be applied in various industries, it is most commonly associated with consumer goods due to the nature of these products and their direct interaction with end consumers.

Therefore, merchandising is best suited for consumer goods where the focus is on meeting the needs and preferences of individual customers in a retail environment.

In other words, Consumer goods are products that are purchased by individuals or households for personal use. Merchandising involves the planning, promotion, and presentation of products to consumers in retail environments to drive sales and maximize profits. Consumer goods, such as clothing, electronics, household items, and food products, are typically sold through merchandising strategies aimed at attracting and engaging consumers.

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