• A. It should be continued for as long as there is perceptible progress in cervical dilation
  • B. It should be discontinued if no fetal descent occurs in the first 3 h
  • C. Most patients who respond will do so within about 3 h ✓
  • D. An intrauterine pressure catheter is mandatory


When oxytocin is administered to treat an arrest of dilation during labor, it is crucial to monitor the patient’s response closely. The effectiveness of oxytocin in promoting cervical dilation and facilitating fetal descent varies among individuals. In general, most patients who are going to respond positively to oxytocin will do so within approximately 3 hours of administration.

In other words, this statement indicates that if a patient is going to respond positively to oxytocin treatment for an arrest of dilation, it is likely to occur within approximately three hours of administration. This timeframe allows healthcare providers to assess the effectiveness of the intervention and make informed decisions regarding further management.

It is essential to note that the response to oxytocin can vary significantly from patient to patient. While some individuals may exhibit rapid progress in cervical dilation and fetal descent upon receiving oxytocin, others may require a longer duration of treatment before significant changes are observed. Therefore, the decision to continue or discontinue oxytocin should be based on the individual patient’s response and overall clinical assessment rather than a strict time frame.

The use of an intrauterine pressure catheter (IUPC) is not mandatory when administering oxytocin for the treatment of an arrest of dilation. While an IUPC can provide valuable information about uterine contractions and guide the titration of oxytocin infusion rates, its use is not universally required in all cases. Clinical judgment, continuous monitoring of maternal and fetal well-being, and regular assessments of labor progress are essential components of managing labor augmentation with oxytocin.

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