• A. Organizational policy
  • B. Company procedures
  • C. Corporate culture
  • D. Economic indices ✓


Economic indices encompass various economic conditions in the external environment, such as inflation rates, unemployment rates, exchange rates, and interest rates. These factors play a crucial role in influencing consumer behavior and affecting a company’s marketing strategies and sales performance. For instance, high unemployment rates may lead to reduced consumer spending power, resulting in decreased sales for a company. Therefore, monitoring and understanding economic indices are essential for marketers to make informed decisions and adapt their marketing strategies according to the prevailing economic conditions.

In other words, Economic indices refer to statistical data that provide insights into the overall economic health of a country or region. These indicators include factors such as inflation rates, unemployment rates, GDP growth, consumer spending, and interest rates. Marketers closely monitor economic indices to understand the broader economic context in which they operate and to anticipate changes in consumer behavior and market conditions.

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