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    Agricultural producers have series of risks affecting the income and welfare of their households. These are mainly production risks in relation to: weather conditions, pests and diseases and market conditions. Consequently, the income stability of agricultural stakeholders can be affected. The economic stability of an entire rural area can be jeopardized by crises caused by different types of natural disasters, from climatic occurrence to livestock or plant diseases. Weather is an important production factor in agricultural, which unfortunately, can hardly be controlled. In fact, unfavourable weather conditions constitute a major risk in farming operations. Drought or excess rainfalls are responsible for bad harvests all over the world. Besides, it seems…



    Insurance companies are financial institutions that are concerned with insurance. Insurance may be defined as a contract between an insurer and an insured, under which an insurer promises to indemnify (compensate) the insured against loss, which he may suffer in future, upon the payment of a premium. It is a provision made by an individual or an enterprise against the occurrence of some future loss. There are certain risks which can be insured against. Examples are risks of fire, burglary or theft, accident, loss of goods in transit, untimely death and bodily injury to factory workers.   Examples of insurance companies in Nigeria are: Reinsurance Corporation of Nigeria National Insurance…

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